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Friday, December 28, 2012

2013: A Year of Mini-Challenges

I got the idea of mini-challenges from Jen West over at Jen West Quest. I'm not really good at sticking with new stuff for very long, but I want that sense of accomplishment that will let me, over time, learn new habits.

My mini-challenges will last no longer than a week, meaning I am not obligated to hold onto them longer than that, though I am certainly welcome to. I've been considering some things I want to change about myself, new things I want to learn, and also habits that could lead to changes for my entire household.

First up in January is going to be a soda-free weekend. I gave up soda a few years ago and lost weight and felt so much healthier. Then the stress of divorce caused me to give in and I am, once again, addicted. My hope is that a weekend without soda will lead to a week without soda, which may lead to a month without it.

I'm also looking forward to a three-day period when I leave my mobile devices (phones, my old Droid I still use for Facebook and Twitter) out of sight and focus my time on my spouse. No Facebooking from the sofa, no chat, no texting, only answering the phone for emergencies.

Also under consideration are a vegetarian challenge, a fast from cursing, and a three-day period where I have no screen time during daylight hours.

I'll amend this post and add more challenges (and details as I complete them) as the new year progresses. What are some short-term, tangible challenges you'd like to complete yourself? Try to think beyond the grand sweep of things like "losing weight" and "getting closer to God" and "being nicer." What can you do in three-day chunks that could spur larger changes in your life?

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  1. These mini challenges are SO much easier on your self esteem than long term. I can do anything for 3 days. I'd been giving this a lot of thought, too. I can't do too many things at once though, or I'll overwhelm myself. I gave up soda over a year ago, too. I started drinking them occasionally in the last few months. Jay is a big help with his encouragement. I breastfed both kids. Whenever I would cry the whole time, he would just tell me to try for two more weeks. That helped a lot. Nine months for one and 7 for the other. Two weeks at a time. I know me. Mini challenges are more realistic for me. Thank you!!