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Friday, September 21, 2012

Coping Mechanisms

How do you deal with lots of little things going wrong at once? We have a kitchen plumbing issue right now along with a broken dryer, not to mention the stresses that come as a bonus with paycheck-to-paycheck life. Also, I still have moments where I'm keenly aware of my dad's absence and have to cope with those and not let them overtake whatever might be happening.
Tonight we decided to cook a deliciously simple supper, eat dessert, and watch a dark but funny movie. I have seen "What About Bob?" at least 20 times. Twenty-one if you count tonight. When the house explodes, I feel this great relief and it makes me laugh. With everything else that goes on around here, no crazy psychoanalyst has strapped explosives to us. It's all about perspective, right?
I hope you have a great weekend with no exploding houses!

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